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Your Property Sold & Money In The Bank In 3 Weeks Or Less

Our quick Edinburgh & Lothian home buying service could have your property sold and cash in your bank within 2-3 weeks of you clicking the button below:

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Carol Anderson


Sell us your unwanted inherited property. We can turn your inheritance into cash in the quickest possible timescale.


We can offer you a fast cash house sale if required to fund your retirement or in order for you to downsize property. 

Release Equity

Releasing equity from your home is an excellent method of raising cash for debt consolidation, pension top-ups etc.

Separation and Divorce

Get an extremely quick, hassle free fast house sale so that both parties can get on with their lives as quickly as possible.

Relocating Somewhere

We can take all the stress away by giving you absolute certainty that your house has sold and funds released.

Nearing Repossession

We can stop repossessions in all but the most dire circumstances and purchase your home immediately.

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