How It Works

It really can't be easier. Our fast house buying service is discreet, professional and polite from start to finish. There's no estate agents or legal fees to pay and you can have the sale completed in as little as 2 weeks or at your convenience!

Step 1 - Get In Touch With Us Today

Email us or pick up the phone. We will be in touch right away to ask you a handful of questions about you and your property. Within 24 hours, we will get back to you with an In Principle Offer subject to our survey and checking of key facts.

Step 2 - We Visit You And Your Property

Should you accept our In Principle Offer, we will then visit you in your home to view the property and our friendly surveyor will ask you a few more questions.

Step 3 - A Fair, Formal Offer Is Made

If we are happy with yourselves and the property and you are still happy with us after our face to face meeting, we will give you a firm offer subject to satisfactory Home Report and solicitors findings.

Step 4 - Sign An Easy To Understand Contract

Assuming you are happy to proceed, we then have you sign our simple contract and the solicitors get to work. Formal legal forms are signed by both parties.

Step 5 - Receive A Fast Payment

After around 2 to 3 weeks of the solicitors working busily in the background, you will receive your full payment. No more waiting around and false promises!

Step 6 - You Get On With Your Life!

Congratulations. You’ve sold your house in double quick time, settled your mortgage and secured loans and rescued your credit possibly. Maybe time to take a relaxing holiday with your new found funds? Whatever you do, we wish you all the best.

Sell Your Property The Easy Way!

If you’d like to discuss selling your house quickly and with the minimum of fuss then why not contact our friendly team today?